Wedding Wishes - Where your wedding wishes come true!
Welcome to An Extraordinary Wedding-Just for You.
Here at Wedding Wishes we know your wedding reflects your unique spirit, personality, and style.
Our brides smile and enjoy celebrations that sparkle!
Stress-free wedding planning begins now.
Your engagement is a special time to enjoy to the fullest! 
Have fun withyour planner,  take the lead with your ideas, and  
we'll help you design a plan that's all about your wedding.
After all, it's your turn to sit back,  sample cake, taste  champagne, and smell the roses! Have your wedding day wishes come true with one of our professional and compassionate wedding planners by your side!
Choose your theme and dream, from elegant to casual,... to time honored traditions. We'll help you plan your entire wedding - or just certain elements of it. It's up to you.
Let your family and friends be your honored quests. 
We're here to do the hard work and keep track of all the details. Remember: We have been the "keeper of the bride's sanity and a cheerleader in the groom's corner". We are glad to include whomever you wish to help in the planning and the fun!
And what's best!.....You and your guests can truly   
                    enjoy your special day.
                  Call us today for
                 your free consultation!       
And Yes!
You will be pleasantly suprised at how you can afford this planning, coordinating and decor service!  
We work with many professionals and are pleased to announce our partnership with Top Professionals in the industry securing discounts for all your wedding needs.  

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